Many of our Komera friends on Bowen Island and the Lower Mainland joined us on Sunday 29th January at Collins Hall at 3:00 pm to see our show. First of all, Hilary and Robin Butler talked about their most recent Camino walk – the Via de la Plata – that they completed last spring. Then Peter Baumgartner gave a presentation on canal boating in France and The Netherlands. Finally, Judith McBride showed her beautiful photographs taken when travelling in Hymer, her trusty camper-van. Tasty snacks from various European countries, plus tea and coffee were provided. We made over $1100 in tickets for Komera Canada. Thanks go ot all our supporters!

This year, apart from the 10 girls at high school, we will be supporting three girls from amongst our previous students at university. Without our support, these girls who qualified for university entrance last year, would not be able to pursue further studies at all.

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