One of the distinctive aspects of Komera Canada is its emphasis on empowerment and positive body image through sport.

25597_10150117995710154_1180857_nThen and Now
In 2008, Margaret Butler, founder and Executive Director of our sister organization Komera, organized a girls-only fun run to support girls’ education and empowerment. Soon after, she started Komera and began sponsoring secondary school education for ten girls through the generous donations of friends and family. What began as a girls’ fun run in our district of Rwanda has developed into the annual Komera Global Run, in which people all over the world run in solidarity with the Komera scholars to show their support for girls’ empowerment and education.

The 2014 Komera Global Run
10481162_10154264441175154_4711986527203158999_nIn 2014, there were major runs in four major US cities (San Francisco, Seattle, New York, and Boston), plus a run at Green Farms Academy in Connecticut and at a primary school in China. The KGR gives us the chance to raise awareness of Komera and its message, through advertisement of the runs and social media outreach. In 2013 and 2014, Komera Canada supported the KGR by organising an informal run/walk on Bowen Island in British Columbia. Our plan is to increase participation by moving this run to North Vancouver. We will keep you posted!

10390288_10154264437760154_3387563517485526541_nEmpowerment Every Day
Sport plays a role during Komera camps. The scholars are encouraged to exercise outdoors in the mornings. Whether they choose to walk, run, play games, orany other physical activity, Komera Canada wants the girls to be active every day. And we want them to enjoy being active. At Komera Canada, we don’t care about winning the race (though that’s very nice), or being the best, or the fastest, or the most coordinated. We care about effort, and finding personal strength through sport.