Run to Rwanda – School Program

School Run to Rwanda To empower young students in Canada, the School Run To Rwanda fun run/walks give students the opportunity to learn about Rwanda and to raise money for Komera Canada scholarships. After being educated about Rwanda and the need to support girls’ education in the country, students can obtain sponsors for run/walking their target distances. The events are designed to empower young students to take action to help others.

“What it meant to me to help the teenage girls in Rwanda to send them to secondary school, it really felt good because everybody deserves a good education. Another reason it felt good was some people think when you do something good for others you always receive a reward back but the real reward is that you feel good inside and touched the hearts of many people.”
– Green Vale Fourth Grade Student


Komera Interactive Curriculum


Explore our interactive curriculum which educators may use to administer their own Run To Rwanda program. We are especially grateful to educator Tracy Gates for creating the Komera Interactive Curriculum.

Please feel free to download our curriculum here: ThePromiseOfRwandaCurriculum2014


Run at Maple Leaf Foreign National School, Dalian, China

One of the coolest events from last year’s Komera Global Run was our partnership with the Maple Leaf Foreign National School in Dalian, China.

Students at school in China ran on the same day as the Komera Scholars in Rwanda! It was inspiring to see students around the world come together to celebrate human rights and education. THIS is what the Komera Global Run is all about!