The following blog post was written, all on her own, by fifth grader Riley Block and forwarded to us for our website and e-newsletter. Thank you so much, Riley! Your writing inspires us, and we’re glad you’re part of our global network of strong and courageous girls.
The Komera Project
Leadership, and Knowledge is a very important thing for a girl. Growing up in other countries some girls can’t get that. Have you ever thought of not being able to get an education, because it’s too expensive? Everyone hopes no one ever feels that way. In where the Komera Project was founded girls can’t go to secondary school, in an average family. In most cases it’s not because their parents don’t want them to, it’s because they can’t afford it. It costs $500 per year to go to school. This may not sound like a lot, but an average family makes about $250 US dollars a year. A family will usually send their son to school, because they think he will have a better chance of economic wealth in the future.
The Komera Project is a non- profit organization that inspires young girls in Rwanda to get a secondary education, and exceed educational goals. The Komera Project raises money to send these girls to secondary school, and even off to university, and through to be young entrepreneur. Even though getting an education is very important, the Komera Project doesn’t just send these girls off to school, and give them a little loan to start a business. But throughout school, teaches the girls about leadership skills, social skills, and teaching them how to fix problems they don’t like about their community. This teaches the girls how to take charge, and not let the boys, and men take in all responsibilities in life.
What’s ahead in the future for Komera? The mission and vision is another important aspect of the Komera Project. The idea isn’t just to and these girls to secondary school, and stop but to encourage the scholars throughout the beginning of their life. Leadership skills is a very important part of a business, which is taught to these girls through, problems, they see in their own town. Komera tries to teach all of these girls who never got the chance to speak up to start and stand up for their beliefs in life. Making the Komera Project worldwide is another vision for the girls. Thinking of technology, and helping the next generation of the people in Rwanda will help this project be successful. Making the world a place one step a time, through education, leadership, and knowledge to learn is one of the most important ideas of the Komera Project. Not just sending a child off to school.
Listening to all of this, I bet most of you is wondering about how you can help help? Knowing about the Komera Project, and working with Margaret and Joanne over the past few months have taught me a couple ways anyone can help the girls. Donating money can always help the girls with school supplies, or even go to school for one year. You can donate $500 for one year of school, or a little bit of money to help out a project the girls may be working on. You can also participate in the walk/run without even going to Rwanda. You can host a run in your town or local community on June 19th.