To say Julie Henderson is an accomplished woman would be an understatement. Julie is an accomplished businesswoman, a co-founder of the non-profit Curves for Change and an extremely successful IMG plus-size model. Despite her busy schedule, we were able to sit down with Julie and to ask her why she is not only participating, but also helping to organize the NYC Komera Global Run.


1. How did you first learn about Komera and what inspired you to participate in the Komera Global Run?

I first learned and fell in love with Komera in 2010. Kate Dillon and I worked together often and we would spend days on set speaking of the girls..which at that time Komera only had 8 girls on scholarship. I fell in love with Komera because it was so transparent and honest and I knew any work or money I donated would be given to the girls and have an immediate impact on their lives. 


2. Why is girls’ empowerment important to you?

I’m going to give a quote from one of my favorite movies My big fat Greek wedding”…”The man is the head, but the woman is the neck. And she can turn the head any way she wants.”  The more empowered a woman gets the more empowered everyone around her becomes… That’s how powerful we are.  The world would be a different place.


3. Komera uses sport as a way to help young women around the world embrace positive body image, why is this important to you?

Well being a former basketball player I know firsthand how sports can change and touch many lives. Sports are universal… Doesn’t matter what language you speak , where you are from… As long as you know the rules everyone can play.  Being on any athletic field requires teamwork and a certain level of self confidence. Girls playing any sport is such a great opportunity for them to get to know themselves… Through all that sweat,pain, and teamwork one can learn a lot about life. I’m still applying my lessons from basketball till this day.


Also with sports it’s all about being an athlete… Getting the best out of your body…. Whatever that may be… I never worried about being skinny.. All I focused on was being good at basketball…and a good strong fit body is what came out of it….