Dear fellow KOMERA Supporters,

During this festive season, I’m reminded of how fortunate and blessed I am to be here today. As a 22-year old Rwandan, and as a recent Babson College graduate, I represent the less than 1% of women in my country who have had the opportunity to travel to the United States, and receive an education reserved for a small percentage of the world.

This opportunity was opened up to me because someone I barely knew believed in me. An immediate decision on her part to invest in me, and follow-through on my end to work hard was what it took. What I didn’t know at the time was that my life was about to be transformed forever.
Last week I talked to Janviere and Dorcas, both KOMERA scholars, on Skype. In our mother tongue, Kinyarwanda, we talked and laughed and shared stories. It was a special moment – hearing them speak of the social projects they had launched, how they want to study sciences during their holidays, how they yearn to learn English and gain computer skills. I saw much of myself in them as we spoke, and realized how these brilliant young women were being encouraged through KOMERA to strive for their best possible future.

As Rwanda continues on to a path of success, my hope is to take an active role in its development by working alongside the many Janvieres and Dorcases – whose only barrier to being the leaders they are is a life changing opportunity. Together, we can build on Rwanda’s progress and lead it further on its way to prosperity.

However, I know that this vision will not be realized on its own. So I ask you to stand with me by making a decision to sponsor a KOMERA scholar. By investing $1,500 in a scholar, you can be assured that you are in fact investing in an entire country. I am asking you to be their life-changing opportunity.

Isabelle Byusa
KOMERA Program Intern 2013