School Run to Rwanda

To empower young students in Canada, the School Run To Rwanda fun run/walks give students the opportunity to learn about Rwanda and to raise money for Komera Canada Project scholarships. After being educated about Rwanda and the need to support girls’ education in the country, students can obtain sponsors for run/walking their target distances. The events are designed to empower young students to take action to help others.
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Sponsor a Scholar

If you would like to be directly connected to a scholar, we ask that you commit to a three year sponsorship. For one year sponsorships, we provide you with regular updates about the program and the scholars as a group.
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Personal Fun Run

If you like to run, enjoy making people happy and relish supporting good causes, it sounds like you should run for a reason! Running for a reason is simply utilizing running as a tool for change.
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Travel to Rwanda with Komera!

Are you interested in seeing the Komera Global Run in Rwanda? We would love to have you join us! Please email us at komeracanada@gmail.com and we will send you some information and see if we can get you signed up to join the team!