Our Komera Canada scholars are on holiday! The Rwandan school year starts in January and runs until late November, so for a month or so, the girls will be at home with their families. However, they will not be going to the mall to buy Christmas presents and hanging expensive Christmas lights in their homes. They are attending leadership camps in Rwinkwavu and working on their entrepreneurship projects. They may be working on Christmas presents for their families and meeting their friends who do not go to the same schools as they do. They will probably be doing lots of chores in their homes and on the family smallholdings as during the school year they have very little time for all this. They may also be helping their parents or guardians at the Komera Parents’ Cooperative where mushrooms are being grown for local markets. Most of our girls are fairly devout Christians so will be celebrating Christmas at church and enjoying a Christmas meal at home. We hope that they will be looking forward to starting their studies again in January.