Komera Canada is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency and is run by volunteers. Our expenses are minimal and consist mainly of bank charges, small expenses incurred for the Rotary Run for Rwanda plus some website costs. We can say with confidence that almost all of the funds that we raise go straight to the Komera Canada Scholars.

In 2014, we sent $5000 US to our agent Komera in the US to fund ten girls in the Rwinkwavu Sector of Rwanda. This amount covers school fees, weekly boarding fees, transport to and from school, school supplies and books, health supplies, school bag and suitcase. We also pay for the expenses of leadership camps and entrepreneurial workshops held during the school holidays.

During 2014 we were also able to partially fund the salary of Esther Kirabo, the social worker who looks after the welfare of the girls, to the tune of $3000 US.

In 2015, thanks to our generous donors, we were able to send US$10,000 to Komera in the US to support our scholars and also fund the salary of the social worker to a larger extent.

In 2016, once again we sent US$10,000 to Komera. Despite the fact that we in fact raised more funds than previous years, the exchange rate was not in our favour. We have no choice but to forward US dollars, so there we are! Nevertheless, we were once again able to fund our new scholars and part of the social worker’s salary.

For financial information about our sister organization, Komera, in the US, please see Komera Financials.