Why do we run?

By Laura Hanson
Growing up in Canada, Margaret Butler discovered that she loved running and was good at it – quite good in fact. When she ran, she felt bold, evenpowerful and began competing in high school and college where she received a sports scholarship.

With new confidence in herself and her body, Margaret started setting new […]

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Meet our new Rwanda Program Director, Dativah!

We are pleased to introduce our amazing new Rwanda Program Director, Dativah! Dativah is one inspiring woman- she ran for parliament in her local district and is a passionate advocate for women. We feel so fortunate to have her on our team!

Name: Dativiah
Education: BAA and MBA in Strategic Management
Experience: Finance Administration, Strategic Planning and Planning, […]

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Travel to Rwanda with Komera!

Are you interested in learning more about education, sports and Rwanda? Have you ALWAYS wanted to travel to Africa and just don’t know where to start?

From June 7th-June 14th we will be taking a group of 10 people to Rwanda to learn and experience this incredible country. We will visit schools, the scholars […]

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Introducing our 2014 New Komera Scholars!

We are very excited to introduce you to our 2014 class of Komera Scholars! This year they went through an interview process with our Komera Social Workers before they were selected in addition to home visits. This past week they collected their materials and headed off to school to join the other Komera Scholars. We […]

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My Rwanda

Each time I return to Rwanda, the experience feels brand new. Whether I’m seeing the country through the eyes of a new visitor, brainstorming ideas for new programs or introducing my daughter to a whole new world, I continue to be amazed, humbled and taught new lessons on a daily basis. Nothing can ever replace […]

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Reflections from Rwanda – Sara Lev

Sara Lev, a rising senior, travelled to Rwanda in June with The Komera Project. She spent a week working with the Komera Scholars and learning about Rwanda.
Going to Rwanda with Margaret and other supporters of the Komera Project was unbelievable. Meeting other supporters, the scholars, learning about Rwandan culture and history as well as […]

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Reflections from Rwanda – Beth Lev

My daughter Sara and I just returned from the most amazing journey through Rwanda with the most impressive group of people from Komera. We visited Kigali, Rwinkwavu, the Northern Province and so much in between. While we witnessed devastation associated with the Rwandan genocide and extreme poverty, we were also overwhelmed and inspired by […]

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Reflections from Rwanda – Kristen Gengaro

Some years ago, I had the great fortune of meeting Executive Director Margaret Butler through my long-time friend David Boehmer, our Komera Board Chair. Her passion for the organization was matched only by the tremendous potential of the girls we support – and I resolved right there to be involved in any way I could […]

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Reflections from Rwanda – Danielle Redman

Through my work I have had the chance to visit and explore many different cities and countries, but out of all the places I have traveled to only two places have I felt a sense of home, Norway and now Rwanda. Rwanda is a place filled with beautiful and welcoming people, where the landscape […]

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