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Holiday Plans for Komera Canada Scholars

Our Komera Canada scholars are on holiday! The Rwandan school year starts in January and runs until late November, so for a month or so, the girls will be at home with their families. However, they will not be going to the mall to buy Christmas presents and hanging expensive Christmas lights in their homes. […]

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Meet our new Rwanda Program Director, Dativah!

We are pleased to introduce our amazing new Rwanda Program Director, Dativah! Dativah is one inspiring woman- she ran for parliament in her local district and is a passionate advocate for women. We feel so fortunate to have her on our team!

Name: Dativiah
Education: BAA and MBA in Strategic Management
Experience: Finance Administration, Strategic Planning and Planning, […]

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Introducing our 2014 New Komera Scholars!

We are very excited to introduce you to our 2014 class of Komera Scholars! This year they went through an interview process with our Komera Social Workers before they were selected in addition to home visits. This past week they collected their materials and headed off to school to join the other Komera Scholars. We […]

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Building Leaders – Komera Scholar Janviere

In 2008, Janviere was one of Komera’s first scholars – she couldn’t speak English and was barely passing in school. She lived at home with extended family and was expected to shoulder many household duties. Because of her chores, she was never able to get to school on time, finish her homework or study for […]

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A letter from Komera Scholar Sarah…

Sarah Mukashema is 19 years old and she is now in Grade 10 at Appeka in Kabarondo. She studies accounting. 

I went back to school after I had spent 3 years sitting at home with no hope of ever going back to school.

I envisioned the future just like any local woman who leaves in poverty in […]

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Meet Komera Scholar Janvier!

I first met Janvier in 2008 – she was full of fire and fight and I adored her spirit. Janvier was selected by her school and local authorities as one of the first Komera Scholars. She stepped forward as an immediate leader and fought hard to have her voice heard and have her needs met.

It […]

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Back to School! But first we need our materials…

It’s hard to not laugh when pictures are being taken!That’s social worker Esther with Komera Scholar Alice (on the right)Janviere – the Komera Scholar President is on the far left! 

The Scholars get the plastic bins to do their washing at school 

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