Komera Global Run

Why do we run?

By Laura Hanson
Growing up in Canada, Margaret Butler discovered that she loved running and was good at it – quite good in fact. When she ran, she felt bold, evenpowerful and began competing in high school and college where she received a sports scholarship.

With new confidence in herself and her body, Margaret started setting new […]

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Komera Global Run a Resounding Success

Congratulations to runners/walkers and their supporters around the world who gave generously to the Komera Global Run. Check the www.komera.org website for more information. Canadian supporters for Paul Brillinger who ran in Rwinkwavu with the girls helped our organization immensely and we are very grateful to them for their support.

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Paul Brillinger on his way to run in Rwanda!

Congratulations to Canadian Paul Brillinger who is responsible for a bumper crop of donations to Komera Canada. Paul is on his way to Rwanda to join Margaret and other donors this coming week. On Friday June 13, he will be running with a large crowd of young girls in Rwinkwavu in the Komera Global Run. […]

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Look who’s running with us!

Kate D. Levin holds an MPA in International Development from Harvard University, is a renowned top model and a passionate activist. She is a co-founder of Komera and sits on Komera’s Board of Directors. Currently, she works for the non-profit organization, Code REDD.

1. How did you first learn about Komera and what inspired you […]

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NYC Komera Global Run Fundraiser!

Thank you to all who came out to support us at the Komera Global Run Fundraiser at Avenue Nightclub!

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Look who’s running with us!

To say Julie Henderson is an accomplished woman would be an understatement. Julie is an accomplished businesswoman, a co-founder of the non-profit Curves for Change and an extremely successful IMG plus-size model. Despite her busy schedule, we were able to sit down with Julie and to ask her why she is not only participating, but […]

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Look who’s running with us!

We are very excited that a team from sukiskincare will be joining the Komera Global Run in Boston! They are a phenomenal company that brilliantly promotes natural beauty!
We caught up with sukiskincare founder … Suki Kramer on why she is participating! 
How did you first learn about Komera and what inspired you to participate in the […]

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Happy Father’s Day from Rwanda!

We are  very lucky to have John and Megan Hagarty with us in Rwanda! They are celebrating Father’s Day in style in Kigali before we head out to Rwinkwavu tomorrow. Thank you, John and Megan and happy Father’s Day!!

1.) How did you discover The Komera Project?

I have had the good fortune to work with some wonderful […]

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The Lev Ladies are heading to Rwanda!

How did you discover The Komera Project? What motivated you to get involved with The Komera Project?
Beth Lev and her daughter, Sara, became involved with The Komera Project last summer as a result of an internship Sara was completing at Alberleen Capital. The management of the company has ties with The Komera Project, so when […]

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The Komera Global Run just got even more global!

A group of sixth graders in Dalian, China, along with their teacher, will run on June 19 as part of the Komera Global Run 2013. Here’s our interview with Mr. Ngo:

Daca Ngo is a sixth grade teacher at the Maple Leaf Foreign National School ‎in Dalian, China. His fundraising page on crowdrise is called Mr. Ngo […]

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