Holiday Plans for Komera Canada Scholars

Our Komera Canada scholars are on holiday! The Rwandan school year starts in January and runs until late November, so for a month or so, the girls will be at home with their families. However, they will not be going to the mall to buy Christmas presents and hanging expensive Christmas lights in their homes. […]

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Why do we run?

By Laura Hanson
Growing up in Canada, Margaret Butler discovered that she loved running and was good at it – quite good in fact. When she ran, she felt bold, evenpowerful and began competing in high school and college where she received a sports scholarship.

With new confidence in herself and her body, Margaret started setting new […]

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Meet our new Rwanda Program Director, Dativah!

We are pleased to introduce our amazing new Rwanda Program Director, Dativah! Dativah is one inspiring woman- she ran for parliament in her local district and is a passionate advocate for women. We feel so fortunate to have her on our team!

Name: Dativiah
Education: BAA and MBA in Strategic Management
Experience: Finance Administration, Strategic Planning and Planning, […]

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The Transition

Margaret Butler – July 11th 2013

Over the past five years I have worked closely with young women in Rwanda. I have watched them grow and change, struggle and fail, persevere and succeed. I have learned a lot about girls’ education and one of the most amazing things that I have come to witness over the […]

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Happy Father’s Day from Rwanda!

We are  very lucky to have John and Megan Hagarty with us in Rwanda! They are celebrating Father’s Day in style in Kigali before we head out to Rwinkwavu tomorrow. Thank you, John and Megan and happy Father’s Day!!

1.) How did you discover The Komera Project?

I have had the good fortune to work with some wonderful […]

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Welcome to our summer interns Cleo and Annie!

 We are very excited to welcome our two amazing summer interns, Cleo(on the right) and Annie(on the left)! They are going to be working in our Boston office for the summer and we are excited to have them!
Annie McCarthy
Age: 21
School: University of Denver (senior)
Major: International Studies & Anthropology
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Why Komera?
I found Komera through an […]

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Komera Scholar Levocate – By Esther (Komera Social Worker)

She thought life was over for her, with her disability combined with poverty, she never used to dream of ever sitting in a class with children of the rich and study looking at a brighter future. This is how Levocate who goes to APPEKA a private school in Kabarondo starts narrating her story.

Levocate says even […]

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Launch of the Social Entrepreneurship Academy!

Girls design ideas to fight hunger, child abuse

In partnership with Global Grassroots and Partners In Health, we were able to deliver a conscious leadership and social entrepreneurship curriculum to 70 vulnerable high school girls over November and December. Of these, 57 girls are Komera Scholars, and the remaining 13 girls were extended a special invitation […]

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Nike runs with The Komera Project!

Lynde Fitzpatrick,
Product Expert and Commercial Content COE at Nike AND running rockstar!

How did you discover The Komera Project?

I discovered the Komera Project through my college friend and teammate, the incomparable Margaret Butler.

What motivated you to get involved with The Komera Project?

Since learning about what Margaret and her team were doing with The Komera Project I […]

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Creating a Global Network with Our Partners and Friends

By Erin Thornton

Executive Director, Every Mother Counts

Every Mother Counts was founded by fashion model Christy Turlington Burns in 2010 after completing her first documentary film, “No Woman, No Cry” about maternal health. 

In what ways do you feel that Every Mother Counts and The Komera Project have a natural connection?

I think that both organizations are fundamentally about women’s […]

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