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Reflections from Rwanda – Beth Lev

My daughter Sara and I just returned from the most amazing journey through Rwanda with the most impressive group of people from Komera. We visited Kigali, Rwinkwavu, the Northern Province and so much in between. While we witnessed devastation associated with the Rwandan genocide and extreme poverty, we were also overwhelmed and inspired by […]

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Reflections from Rwanda – Kristen Gengaro

Some years ago, I had the great fortune of meeting Executive Director Margaret Butler through my long-time friend David Boehmer, our Komera Board Chair. Her passion for the organization was matched only by the tremendous potential of the girls we support – and I resolved right there to be involved in any way I could […]

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Reflections from Rwanda – Danielle Redman

Through my work I have had the chance to visit and explore many different cities and countries, but out of all the places I have traveled to only two places have I felt a sense of home, Norway and now Rwanda. Rwanda is a place filled with beautiful and welcoming people, where the landscape […]

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Building Leaders – Komera Scholar Janviere

In 2008, Janviere was one of Komera’s first scholars – she couldn’t speak English and was barely passing in school. She lived at home with extended family and was expected to shoulder many household duties. Because of her chores, she was never able to get to school on time, finish her homework or study for […]

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Why I’m Contributing to Komera Project.

On August 1st, 2013 in San Francisco, Komera Project will be holding a fundraiser auction and I’m writing to tell you why I’ve decided to participate, both by attending the event and donating a large design service package for the auction.
The best way to foster a nation’s productivity and improve their economic growth is by […]

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The Transition

Margaret Butler – July 11th 2013

Over the past five years I have worked closely with young women in Rwanda. I have watched them grow and change, struggle and fail, persevere and succeed. I have learned a lot about girls’ education and one of the most amazing things that I have come to witness over the […]

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Happy Father’s Day from Rwanda!

We are  very lucky to have John and Megan Hagarty with us in Rwanda! They are celebrating Father’s Day in style in Kigali before we head out to Rwinkwavu tomorrow. Thank you, John and Megan and happy Father’s Day!!

1.) How did you discover The Komera Project?

I have had the good fortune to work with some wonderful […]

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Girls’ Education is not the answer.

By Executive Director Margaret Butler

It’s ironic that I founded and am running a non-profit that focuses on girls’ education, because my conclusion, after six years of hard work, is that girls’ education alone is not the definitive solution.

For a while now the development pundits, international corporations, celebrities and leading aid agencies have been pontificating that […]

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Welcome to our summer interns Cleo and Annie!

 We are very excited to welcome our two amazing summer interns, Cleo(on the right) and Annie(on the left)! They are going to be working in our Boston office for the summer and we are excited to have them!
Annie McCarthy
Age: 21
School: University of Denver (senior)
Major: International Studies & Anthropology
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Why Komera?
I found Komera through an […]

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A letter from Komera Scholar Sarah…

Sarah Mukashema is 19 years old and she is now in Grade 10 at Appeka in Kabarondo. She studies accounting. 

I went back to school after I had spent 3 years sitting at home with no hope of ever going back to school.

I envisioned the future just like any local woman who leaves in poverty in […]

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