This year we gained a new group of scholars as last year’s students graduated from high school, all successfully. In fact, three of them achieved university entrance. This is amazing news as these girls come from impoverished rural families with none of the advantages we in Canada take for granted as necessities for successful graduation, e.g. access to the internet, a supportive family, reading materials available at home, etc.

Our new scholars are all in Grade 10 at high school so will be supported by Komera Canada until the end of 2018. If you check our drop-down menu for KC Scholars, you will find photos of these girls plus a bio of each of them. Most of them attend Fawe Girls School, a very good school with a boarding house as most of the students there are weekly boarders. Our Chair, Hilary Butler, visited the school in 2015 and was very impressed by the level of education and also the beautiful rural setting.

We look forward to receiving news of our students’ progress over the next few years!